Please read through the frequently asked questions before getting in touch to see if you can easily find an answer to what you are looking for.

How do I contact you?

Whether you already know what you want, need some tattoo advice or ideas, the best way to contact me is by sending me an email to alolocotattoo@gmail.com or by filling up and submitting the contact form here. It is very important you include all the info listed below in the answer to the next question.

Please do not use social media or text message and WhatsApp text or call to contact me as I will probably take longer to answer as I do not use these platforms as a way of contact.


How do I get my appointment sorted or a free tattoo consultation?

To help me to understand your request clearly, Please, make sure you provide the following information in your message:

  • Full Name, email, and WhatsApp phone number.
  • Short description and concept. If you have your own project in mind, please send over the theme of your tattoo in a couple of sentences to avoid long specific paragraphs.
  • Where exactly on your body.
  • Photo of the area you want to get tattooed.
  • A few references only if you have any. Please, send references by email only and please do not send any photos of other artists’ work pretending to copy-paste it. Remember that each artist works differently.

I am happy to take on ideas with the general theme as long as I am given creative freedom with the project and please remember that each artist works differently.

In case you need some inspiration, you can always check out my portfolio here or follow me on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest to find out about my latest work.


Is the consultation free?

Yes, it is. Welcome.


Can I get a cover-up of an existing tattoo?

To answer that question it is essential you provide a good quality photo of the tattoo to be covered and that you may be ready to listen to the best suggestion in terms to allow me to provide the best service possible.

Covering an existing tattoo isn’t always possible if you do not be flexible.


Do you do colour tattoo?

No, I don’t. I am specialized in black and grey tattoos. I use black ink and grey wash 100% vegan animal-friendly.


Why haven’t you answered my email?

Due to the overwhelming demand, it’s not always possible to reply to each email, but I do read every single message and really appreciate that you took the time to write to me. Please, be patient. I always try to get back to you ASAP.


How do I prepare for my consultation?

We will talk about your idea as soon as I receive all the main requested information previously described.

Be flexible and open to advice. Designing a tattoo might look very easy, but it isn’t. There are many factors involved such as body shape, type of composition, etc… As a tattoo artist, I’d just like to reach the best possible results.

After the consultation the tattoo ideas, design, and position on the body discussed during a consultation can not change afterwards. Especially after we both agreed and the deposit will be paid.

I reserve all the right to adjust the images a bit in terms to improve the design.


How do I book a consultation?

Depends. There are few options but mainly the first one:

  • After I receive a clear answer by email, a simple WhatsApp call consultation is enough. During the consultation, we will discuss the design ideas and what is the best way possible I can represent them.  I may be able to share some ideas and images too. Speak is free and tattoo is forever.
  • You need to be in person ONLY if I need to understand more precisely and see for real how the measures and shape of your body. 
  • Please be ready with the deposit if you intend to proceed.
  • The design idea discussed during the consultation cannot change afterwards. For example concept, side, or area of the body.


How much does the tattoo cost?

The price of a tattoo depends on many factors. I can give you an estimated price during the consultation. That’s why it is very important you provide a clear idea of what you would like to get.

The more details you give me, the more information I can give you, including an estimated price.


Can I see the tattoo design before the session?

Well, the design will be discussed during the WhatsApp consultation, it’s already a clear idea of what I will realize on your skin. So yes, you may see a rough idea in advance.

In case the consultation will be face to face, no. You will only see it on the same day just right before the tattoo session. One of the reasons I can’t show it before is because I customize the tattoo according to the shape of your body and size. 

That’s why I like to do long consultations with my customers so I can fully understand what they really want to represent and make sure that they will be completely satisfied with the tattoo. Also, when the consultation is made by a WhatsApp phone call most of the time some ideas are already shown during the consultation.


How long will the tattoo take to complete?

The time it takes a tattoo to be completed depends significantly on a range of factors such as tattoo size, skin type, placement, tattoo complexity, and many other factors. An estimated number of sessions will be provided during the consultation, after discussing the tattoo ideas.

  • How big will your tattoo be? Generally, the bigger the size of a tattoo, the bigger the amount of time to get it done.
  • How complex will your tattoo be? The complexity of your tattoo will definitely determine the amount of time required to complete it. The more details, the longer it will take.


How long does a tattoo session last?

The duration of a tattoo session might vary depending on the tattoo. I like to do day sessions that have an exact start time but not a finish time established beforehand.


How does the tattoo booking process work?

After the consultation, if you decide to go ahead, a deposit will be required to book your tattoo appointment. Normally the request is for one deposit for each day of booking. The deposit will be deducted from the final cost of the tattoo. In case, you got more than one sitting, it will be deducted only from your last session and not during the process. In case, you got more than one sitting (for example a full sleeve), as a customer you have the obligation to respect the process which means that each appointment has to be with a minimum gap, until the end of the project. Just in very rare situations, this rule can change and only if clearly requested by email and agreed by myself before the deposit is paid. Remember that it is your own responsibility to respect the appointments given and to be on time. 

The deposit is not refundable. No matter the reason. 

Cancellation. Two weeks’ notice (14 days) minimum is requested for a cancellation in case you need to move the appointment day. A cancellation fee (full deposit) will be charged for appointments not kept or canceled without the requested notice. Also, unfortunately, you will be at the back of the waiting list if you want to continue and be rebooked.

* In case of booking during a tattoo convention or guest spot, the appointment date cannot be changed. 

What shouldn’t I do before the tattoo session?

  • Do not show up to your tattoo appointment sunburnt in the area I need to tattoo. If you are in the sun in the next few weeks either wear a factor 50 sunscreen protector or cover the area. Your appointment will be canceled and your deposit will be lost. Look after your skin.
  • Do not take any alcohol, caffeine, energy drinks, or aspirin 24-48 hours prior to your tattoo session as they are blood thinners and will make it harder for your skin to absorb the ink and sit still.
  • Do not apply any numbing cream or lotion on the tattoo area as this could affect the machine function unless advised otherwise.


What should I do before the tattoo session?

It is very important to prepare your body properly for the tattoo experience in order to make it as painless as possible.

  • Eat a healthy full meal beforehand to better manage the pain and face longer tattoo sessions.
  • Drink lots of water! Stay always hydrated before and during the tattoo session. The consumption of water will boost your skin’s elasticity and, therefore, it will allow me to work better on your skin. Also, it will smoothen the experience and help you heal faster.
  • Rest and have a good night’s sleep the day before your tattoo session. Also, I suggest booking yourself a day off afterwards to allow your body to recover more quickly.
  • Bring water and snacks(something high in protein and sugar) to eat while on breaks in order to maintain your fluids and blood sugar levels up during the tattoo session.


What do I wear for the tattoo session?

During the tattoo session, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that offers easy access to the area to be tattooed. Also, I recommend clothes that you wouldn’t mind getting a little stained with ink.

Due to the Covid-19 situation and continuous changes in regulations, it is very difficult to provide a proper answer to dates and appointments. 

Alo Loco reserves all the right to change appointment dates with short notice.