20 October, 2016



Tattoo Faq: How can I contact you? How much does it cost? Where are you located? Quick answer by Alo Loco | Best London tattoo artist

You may have lot questions that could be answered straight away.

Please read through the frequently asked questions to see if you can easily find an answer to what you are looking for.


- How can I contact you?

The best way to make sure I get your message, send your email to alolocotattoo@gmail.com or filling up the contact form on this page. The social networks are more there to show my artwork portfolio than to be a proper contact way.


- How can I get an appointment?

In order to get your first appointment, you need to provide me with all the information I need.
- Name
- Contact details: Tel. and email
- What you want: tattoo size, where and picture of idea


- How much does it cost?

It depends, I can give you an estimated price in the consultation. That's why is very important you provide a clear idea of what you want. The more details you give me, the more I can give you, including the price.


- Why haven't you answered my email?

Due to the overwhelming demand, it's not always possible to reply to each email, but I do read every single one and extremely appreciate that you took the time to write me.


- Where are you located?

I work in London, Kamil Tattoos. Please check the map provided on contact.