black & grey realistic and surrealistic tattoos



I am Alo Loco, a tattoo artist based in London, originally from Italy.

I am specialized in black and grey realistic and surrealistic tattoos.

Tattoo is something I have always been passionate about for as long as I can remember.

The more I traveled the more I liked all the culture around it, the different techniques used, symbols, stories, and traditions behind it.

Over time, I tended to work more and more in black and grey realistic and surrealistic pieces, turning out to be the style that represents and fascinates me the most.

Nowadays, I keep working on getting better at realism and surrealism and discovering new techniques devoting special attention to details, texture, volume, and composition.

Thanks to the support of family, friends and clients, I continue to grow every day as a tattoo artist.

I enjoy doing customized tattoos, collaborating with my clients to create the ideal piece of art for their body. I really love working on big pieces, such as full sleeves, full backs, full legs, full fronts, and bodysuit tattoos, and always trying to put an equal amount of thought and creativity into every single one of my designs to give people something they will be proud to wear on their skin forever.


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